Thursday, August 6, 2009

We arrive in Belize!

Hi, all -
Welcome to the 1st blog post! I arrived in Belize after 2+ weeks in Guatemala, entering the western border with 4 friends from my Guatemala group (PHOTO 1 with the immigration buildings in the background; check out if you're interested in the blog for the Guatemala part of the trip). We stopped for lunch at my beloved Trek Stop (great budget place) in San Jose Succotz, a few miles west of San Ignacio in the Cayo district. Their Belize Specials (rice and beans, stew chicken, fried plantains) and butterfly enclosure were a nice welcome to Belize (PHOTO 2: owl butterfly).

They headed to the dock in Belize City for a quick visit to Caye Caulker and I stopped off at the airport to meet my husband Mike (PHOTO 3) and his brother's family, separate airlines but flights arriving within 10 minutes of each other. We were shuttled to the beautiful cabins and surrounds of the Nature Resort in the Community Baboon Sanctuary west of Belize City (PHOTO 4). For dinner we had - you might have guessed - Belize Specials (PHOTO 5) with coconut tarts for dessert. The long days and early sun set (around 6pm this close to the equator) slipped us into an early to bed, early to rise habit from the start. HAPPY TRAILS!

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  1. Stacey, hope you are enjoying the visit with my niece and her crew. Just found out about your blog and what all of you are up to. WOW!!! Meanwhile, I am impressed with your teaching skills and espanol skills. Me? I am lousy at all of those things...but my sail boat is in Mexico. Tell Kathy, Eric and all the boys HI! for me......and hope to see the pics when they get home. Yes, I found out how one can travel like that and still have a hyper dog :-) Cheers........Kathy's Ancient Ol' Unc.....Ken (